During the last 35 years I have formulated many great opinions about many things pertaining to the law. At times I might contribute some of them here in the spirit of statesmanship and professional observation or at least my observations.  I hope often to contribute something to the betterment of the understanding of the law. But, mostly I use this site as a platform to promote good ideas and discoveries that have something to do with attorneys and the law (or other attorneys and their law).

There are no policies and procedures to this website. Nor is there a board that governs the content.  Therefore, and wonderfully so, this blog allows me to write about what ever I choose whenever I choose.  There is no “grand agenda” and I might contribute something of value to the growth of law and legal review or I may self indulge or self promote and/or promote anything I so choose.

If you want more than this then I suggest that you take a look at the many law review blogs out there that have the policies, procedures and dedication to following a systematic exchange of information.   A good example of might be The Minnesota Law Review or such other online law review that might have much more depth to promoting a betterment of the law as a whole.

If not and you might want to find some less grandiose explanation of more mundane aspects of the law and the practical guidance about everything from facing divorce to trends and marketing concepts that work well for attorneys, then this is your stop.