Beware of Unscrupulous Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

Atlanta Personal Injury AttorneyIf you have suffered an injury as the result of neglect from another party or individual, finding the right Atlanta personal injury attorney can make all the difference in the amount of settlement you are awarded. Turn on the television or go online, and you will be flooded with advertisements from attorneys who promise huge settlements if you simply let them handle your case. Before you make the costly mistake of working with an unqualified lawyer, consider some of these important tips for choosing the right personal injury lawyer.

Carefully Weight Your Options
Most people don’t call a personal injury attorney because they believe it is going to cost too much. A good personal injury attorney is willing to discuss the basics of your case and inform you whether they believe you have a case. This initial consultation should be free of charge. Most good personal injury attorneys limit their practices to a few kinds of law. If you’re hiring a personal injury attorney to represent you, make sure that attorney has experience in several personal injury cases that have gone to trial.

Beware of Those Ambulance Chasers
Ambulance chasing is considered illegal in many states for obvious reasons. If you were involved an accident and suddenly get a call, a certified letter or a mailing from any lawyer soon afterward, buyer beware. Be sure that you first check with friends or family about a personal injury attorney before you hire them. While the majority of personal injury cases settle without having to go to trial, there are cases that do not even need a lawsuit in order to be settled. A skilled personal injury attorney will get the important information from the insurance company and settle the case without filing a lawsuit.

Understanding the Fees Involved
When you hire a personal injury attorney, he must be paid for his time. All personal injury attorneys work on contingency fee, meaning the attorney gets nothing until you get paid. This fee allows you to hire a great personal injury attorney without paying that upfront. While the fees often stated as a decent percentage of your settlement, the fee only will pay for the personal injury attorneys time. When your lawyer has to provide pay someone else on your case, its called expenses. Lawyers pay expenses then bill you at the end of the case. Be sure that you ask about all expenses before signing the contract. To find out more or get a free consultation visit: