Heed These Warnings from Myrtle Beach DUI Lawyers!

Myrtle Beach DUI AttorneysIf you have been arrested under the suspicion of driving under the influence, we assume that you don’t have a professional lawyer in your corner yet. So you have handled the arraignment, obtained a police report, reviewed the results of the sobriety test, and analyzed your blood alcohol content. Now is the time for getting a lawyer’s 
opinion regarding your DUI case.  Take this advice from some Myrtle Beach DUI lawyers:

Understanding the DUI Arrest Process
If this is a 1st offense, non-injury DUI case, the rate of conviction varies. Your lawyer will help you to avoid having to plead guilty by carefully analyzing the information that was collected by the arresting officer. From the videotape in the police car, to the testing done during the field test, all these pieces of the puzzle will be carefully scrutinized to ensure your results are 100% accurate. Your lawyer can uncover details that you might not have access to, from showing the device was not calibrated properly, to showing the arresting officer has made mistakes before with the same testing equipment.

Understanding the Details of the Case
If you have been arrested because of a high blood alcohol content, t could be a challenge trying to convince a judge to lessen or dismiss your case. In the event the blood or breath test placed you at above .08, you’ll be convicted of DUI. The chances of conviction is over 90% should your BAC be at .08 to .11. In many states, punishment is worse if test shows a number above .15 or even .20. If the officer testifies you were driving just like you could have been drunk, and the tests back this up, you will probably be convicted of driving drunk. That is why it is urgent you have a professional attorney fight to uncover other aspects of the case that could cast doubt on the arrest.

Using a DUI Attorney to Plea Bargain
As the area of uncertainty grows, plea bargaining the law increases. The examination results showed a BAC .09 or .10, so this field sobriety test could be considered inconclusive. The prosecution might be willing to transform the charge from DUI into a lesser offense, for example a reckless driving charge, which is less serious in numerous states and may be considered a misdemeanor. This is what’s known in the legal world as a “legal fiction”. These are instances that your attorney has experience with and can easily put to the judge in the hopes of getting you out of jail time, fines, or a license suspension.  For more information visit: http://myrtlebeachattorneygroup.com